Cloth Diapering

Jenni shows you how cloth diapering is easier than it's ever been (phew!) and can save families thousands of dollars over the course of 3 years.
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  • Newborn Skin-to-Skin Contact

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni June shows you why it's important to have early skin-to-skin contact with your child, and how to do it effectively.
  • Circumcision Care

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni provides useful information to care for your little guy after circumcision and to make things a little more comfortable for him, should this procedure be your choice.
  • The Scoop On Baby Poop

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni June is back with the inside scoop on baby poop.
  • Baby's First Bath

    Year: 2013 Country: USA One of baby's first rites of passage, their first bath, is really special and exciting! Jenni gives tips for bath preparation and bathing steps to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable.
  • Umbilical Cord Care

    Year: 2013 Country: USA How to be better prepared for dealing with your baby's umbilical cord aftermath.
  • Diapering Baby

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni June shows you how to properly diaper your baby - and you'll be surprised at how it's not so simple after all!
  • Trimming Baby's Nails

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Time for baby's first manicure! Jenni teaches us how to trim and maintain nails carefully and confidently.
  • Safe Swaddling

    Year: 2013 Country: USA There are specific ways to safely swaddle your baby to prevent developmental dysplasia of the hip or DDH, which is the abnormal development of a child's hip joint. Jenni shares a couple of swaddling techniques, the diamond method and the square method, which ensure your baby is still comforted by the swaddle while protecting their delicate little hips.
  • Cloth Diapering

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni shows you how cloth diapering is easier than it's ever been (phew!) and can save families thousands of dollars over the course of 3 years.
  • Cleaning Baby's Ears

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni shares a couple of simple ways to clean your sweet little baby's ears easily and safely. Thanks to Johnson's Baby Safety Swabs, it's less stressful than ever.
  • Safe Formula Preparation

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni June gives important information on how to safely prepare, store, and handle powdered infant formula to reduce the risk of illness to baby. Here's to staying healthy!
  • Baby Acne (Milia)

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Baby acne, also known as milia, is usually caused by hormones, not keeping baby's face clean, build up of oil in the pores, or cradle cap. Jenni shares a few basic techniques to help clear up baby's beautiful skin a little quicker and maybe even prevent it altogether.
  • Diaper Rash

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Diaper rash is the most common form of rash in babies. Jenni is here with great baby care basics to jumpstart the healing process on baby's little tushy.
  • Baby Snot

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Snotty, stuffy noses can be very uncomfortable for baby and just heartbreaking for mom and dad. Jenni has two solutions to help with baby's nasal congestion.
  • Flat Head Syndrome And Torticollis

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Most new babies spend the bulk of their early life sleeping on their back, they're at possible risk for flat head syndrome or torticollis (also known as wryneck). Jenni shows us safe and simple ways to help prevent or rectify both of these conditions.
  • Cradle Cap

    Year: 2013 Country: USA
  • Humidifier Help

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni has helpful information on when and how to use a cool mist humidifier safely and effectively to help your baby breathe better during the day and while they sleep, making things a little easier for moms and dads.
  • Baby Sun Safety

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni shares the very latest safe sun recommendations and products for your infant for every day and on-the-go fun in the sun!
  • Burping Your Baby

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni shares four different positions to help your little one get rid of those air bubbles in their tummy to make them more comfortable, especially during and after feedings.
  • Baby Carriers And Safe Baby Wearing

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Jenni shares important advice on how to wear your baby safely while benefitting the entire family. She features two different baby carriers: one is a soft/wrap style, the other a structured carrier.
  • Spit Up 101

    Year: 2013 Country: USA
  • Surviving Colic

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Click on this video to get some helpful ideas on how to deal with babies that are Colic.
  • Probiotics For Baby

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Probiotic supplements for baby are a very hot and controversial topic these days. Jenni is here to break it all down for moms and dads who are considering introducing them to their baby.
  • Dad's Diaper Bag

    Year: 2013 Country: USA This one's for all the hands-on dads out there caring for their babies while out and about on their own. Jenni has cool suggestions to equip dad's diaper bag with everything they'll need while on-the-go with baby.
  • Cleaning Baby's Teeth And Gums

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Ever wonder when you're supposed to start cleaning baby's teeth and gums? Jenni has your answer and also explains the many wonderful benefits that come along with taking care of your baby's oral hygiene early on.
  • How To Introduce A Lovie!

    Year: 2016 Country: USA Jenni lets us know about products that help facilitate self-soothing skills for your little ones!
  • Is White Noise Effective?

    Year: 2013 Country: USA Family Sleep Expert, Jenni June, discusses the incredible benefits of White Noise!
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