Pregnancy Must-Haves!

Kelsey is in labor right now! Let’s see what her must-haves have been during the past nine months. #WelcomeBabyJuniper

How To Keep Kids Active!

How do you keep your little ones lively and get a little rest as a parent? Greg Jennings has the secret sauce on #DADvice!

Our Pregnancy Review!

Kelsey & Corbin are anticipating the arrival of baby Juniper. In the meantime, they reflect on their nine-month journey to now!

Balancing a New Baby and Work

Balancing work and a new baby is… What’s the word? Terrifying? Fortunately, Super Bowl Champ Greg Jennings lets us know we’re all in it together on DADvice.

Bringing Baby Home Checklist!

Kelsey & Corbin prep for baby Juniper’s arrival with their handy checklist. Did they forget anything? WATCH and find out!