Toddler Knows Money

On a very special Millennial Dads, Matt and Amelia “have the talk” — she is four years old now, after all. Big thanks to our partners LearnVest and Free Dad Videos on this hilarious episode! #sponsored

Setting Boundaries

Wonder how to handle all those questions when you drop off your kids at school? Greg is here with awesome #DADvice!

Tips for New Dads!

Corbin may be the Most Interesting New Dad… in the world. Check out his hilarious tips for first-time fathers on Little Wanders!

How to Start Potty Training

Frustrated with #PottyTraining your little ones? Greg shares tips on how to make it fun for your toddlers and get them potty trained!

New Parent Must-Haves!

Kelsey and Corbin share their #NewbornNeeds list! Special thanks to Under the Nile and Poncho Baby for their help on this awesome episode.